Selling on Craigslist without getting scammed

From baby clothes to cars to toasters, you can sell on Craigslist just about anything you can think of. Best of all, you can do it without having to pay any fees or work through a complicated website. If you want to sell your used gaming system on craigslist, all you have to do is write up a description, upload a few photos and that’s it. You wait for an interested buyer to contact you and work through the details.

Craigslist is a great site because it’s free and easy, but it’s also an easy target for scam artists and fraudsters. As much as you may like the idea of craigslist, you may not be so comfortable with the risks.

This is a dilemma we understand well at PayOnDelivery. Craigslist lacks the rigid structure of other classified sites, which can be appealing but also troubling. PayOnDelivery removes the uncertainties associated with craigslist by closing the loopholes that flakes and fraudsters so often find. You can continue to sell on craigslist without the worry of getting scammed.

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PayOnDelivery guarantees payment

PayOnDelivery ensures you get paid for the items you’re selling. When you accept a buyer’s bid, PayOnDelivery places a temporary hold on their account to secure the funds. This way, you know the buyer can actually pay you. No dealing with personal checks, money orders, wire transfers or other possibly fraudulent payment methods.

All you have to do to get paid is ship the item. Once the buyer receives the delivery, they have 24 hours to either accept it or indicate that they will be returning it. If they accept it, the money that was secured for you is then transferred to your account.

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PayOnDelivery manages shipping

Craigslist scams are all too common and many of them revolve around shipping. You can avoid shipping scams by using PayOnDelivery to handle your craigslist transaction. PayOnDelivery gives you the tools to estimate shipping costs and get your item in the mail.

We also oversee the delivery process to protect both you and the buyer. We know when your item has been shipped, received and accepted. If the buyer rejects the item, we even know when it’s on its way back to you.

Common craigslist shipping scams

  • Pressuring sellers to quickly ship items before the check or money order is found to be fraudulent
  • Requesting to use a third-party shipping agency
  • “Accidentally” sending extra money to cover shipping costs then asking the seller to wire the extra funds back, before the original payment is found to be fraudulent

PayOnDelivery manages shipping

“Friendly fraud” occurs when a buyer purchases an item online then later asks for the charges to be refunded without sufficient reason. For example, a buyer may pay for an item, but later claim they never received it. If there is no way to verify their claim, they are more than likely going to get their money back even though they actually have the item sitting at home. Now the seller is out both the item and their money.

Since PayOnDelivery manages the shipping process we know when your item has been delivered. We give the buyer 24 hours after delivery to either accept the item or return it immediately. The buyer’s card is only charged if they accept the item. There are no chargebacks and no fraud because we’ve documented their receipt.

PayOnDelivery provides help when you need it

Buyers and sellers who have been scammed through craigslist have very little recourse. Craigslist does not offer any type of help when it comes to transactions or disputes. Obviously, this can be quite frustrating. PayOnDelivery has a customer support team that oversees every aspect of your transaction and can quickly answer your questions.

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When you buy online from any seller on any marketplace, you can sleep easy because you know payment for the item is not debited until you have received the package.

If the item is not what you ordered, just print a return label from Payondelivery and return the item, no paperwork, no claims to file no need to ask for your money back.

Protection against Scams

You can rest easy when you buy from @bob_da_dude on Craigslist or other marketplaces. If Bob doesn't ship in 24 hours we'll tell you immediately so you can use your money for another purchase

No hassle buying

We make buying easier by removing the hassle that can occur if things don't work out. You can now avoid the claim forms and 45 minute hold on phone calls to customer support.

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You don't have to pass on that fantastic deal or special antique watch in New York just because you live in LA. Isn't that why we invented the internet?